Hugo Sax



Human Factors

We seek to understand and to optimize the interactions between healthcare providers and their working environments in order to facilitate safe behaviour and ultimately promote patient safety. We consider the physical, built environment, as well as the cognitive and social environments. Taking a systems perspective to quality improvement, we recognize that modifications in any area of the work domain will have repercussions in other areas.

Implementation Research

In the constant stride to introduce evidence-based practice, many interventions fail to introduce meaningful improvements in patient care outcomes. We seek to understand the factors that help or hinder implementation of such practices in order to effectively inform future quality improvement efforts.


Ethics number


Human Factors Analysis of Infectious Risk Moments
KEK.StV-Nr. 73/14

Swiss National Science Foundation


Prevention of Hospital Infections by Intervention and Training (PROHIBIT) Work Package 5 (WP4) In-depth qualitative investigation of success factors for adoption and implementation of infection prevention practices
PROHIBIT-241928 (FP7 reference number)
European Commission 7th Framework Program



·         Prof. Didier Pittet, Infection Control Program, University of Geneva Hospitals and Medical Faculty, Switzerland
·         Prof. Frank Drews, Human Factors for Patient Safety Center, Department of Psychology, University of Utah, USA;
·         Prof. Sanjay Saint, International Ann Arbor Safety Collaborative, University of Michigan, USA
·         Prof. Dr. Tanja Manser, Institute for Patient Safety, University Hospital Bonn, Germany
·         Prof. Dr. Urte Scholz, Department of Applied Social and Health Psychology, University of Zurich, Switzerland
·         World Health Organization (WHO) Core Group, First Global Patient Safety Challenge
"Clean Care is Safer Care"


Prof. Dr. med Hugo Sax
University hospital Zurich
Raemistrasse 100, HAL14 C14
8091 Zurich

Tel. +41 44 255 57 30

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