The overall focus of our research program is on infectious diseases and comprises studies of the pathogen, associated immune responses, pathogenesis, therapy and epidemiology and involves basic, translational, clinical and epidemiological research.

Our basic and translational research groups focus on investigating the interplay between pathogens and the human host with a particular focus on viral and bacterial infections. Our current research projects investigate human infections with HIV, HCV, EBV, CMV, Influenza and Group A streptococcus and other bacteria. For details on our basic and translational research projects please visit the specific sites of the groups of Huldrych Günthard, Karin Metzner, Roberto Speck, Nicolas Müller and Annelies Zinkernagel.

Our epidemiology group focuses primarily on long term treatment aspects of antiretroviral therapy, such as treatment outcome, side effects and toxicity. Lately, HIV/HCV and HIV/HBV coinfections are studied more intensly as hepatic infections have a major impact on survival for patients receiving highly successful anti-HIV therapies. Furthermore, liver disease in general is being studied in HIV-infected patients because it may also be drug related. Our hospital epidemiology group investigates risk factors and the impact of nosocomial infections.
For more information please click on epidemiology. Many of these studies are performed in the framework of the Swiss HIV cohort study.

Our clinical research program includes phase II and III trials of new therapeutic drugs against infectious diseases. An additional strong focus is on improving and evaluating established treatment strategies in particular also with regard to emergence of HIV drug resistance. We have also intensified our collaborative efforts with vascular and orthopedic surgeons to study vascular graft and orthopedic implant infections.

For activities in clinical research go to "Clinical Research".

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