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Infectious Diseases

Common Infectious Diseases

Our outpatient consultation offers a professional diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic infectious diseases. Frequently infections are the cause of swollen lymph glands, night sweats and weight loss.
The immunodeficiency HIV, hepatitis B and C infections, tuberculosis, tick-borne diseases and all kinds of bacterial infections are the most common problems in our office.

HIV infections with/ without Hepatitis B/C Coinfections

One focus is on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with HIV disease. Recent advances in research are implemented very quickly in our patients. In particular, patients with co-existing inflammation of the liver (hepatitis B or C) will receive an optimal treatment.


We offer in cooperation with the medical microbiology UZH a comprehensive counseling and therapy for the treatment of tuberculosis.

Bacterial infections

Bacterial infections can have serious consequences for the body and partly a long-term antibiotic therapy is indicated. We advise patients with any type of bacterial infections. We do research in the field of bacterial virulence and in the field of biofilm production in foreign body associated infections.


The interdisciplinary networking and communication with other specialists in the hospital, as well as individual case discussions with other specialists provide medical care according to current medical knowledge adapted to the needs of the patient.

Our networks include:

• Swiss HIV Cohort Study (SHCS)
• Swiss transplantation cohort study (STCS)
• Balgrist Cohort Study on Orthopedic infections

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