Infectiological Consultation Service

We look after inpatients at the University Hospital Zurich with infectious diseases. Our consultation service is available via the service physician “Infectious Diseases”.

Antibiotic Stewardship

The increasing use of antimicrobials causes a significant increase in health care costs in addition to a selection pressure and an increasing development of resistance of the microorganisms. To analyze this development and to contain these problems (strategy for rationale use of antiinfectives) the University Hospital of Zurich (USZ) performs an annual analysis of use and costs of antimicrobial substances in the context of an antibiotic stewardship program since 2007.

Antibiotic policies

The use of antimicrobial drugs is associated with:
• Changes in the normal bacterial flora
• Development of resistance
• Clostridium difficile infections
• Adverse effects and interactions
• Nosocomial Infections
• Costs

The objectives of the guidelines for the rational and responsible use of antimicrobials are:
- Optimal outcome for male and female patients
- Optimal use of antibiotics (range, mode of administration, dose, duration)
- Minimizing side effects, such as adverse effects, development of resistance, nosocomial infections, C. difficile infections and costs
The basics of the guidelines are evidence, international and national guidelines, the epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance at the USZ and the ex-factory prices of drugs.
The guidelines are available at the secretariat hospital hygiene (



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